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Music Mixing & Mastering in Hampton Roads, VA


AudibleHeaT offers music mixing and mastering services at our recording studio in Hampton Roads, VA. It’s easy to underestimate the influence that the mixing and mastering process can have on a finished recording. These processes format each individual instrument and voice recording to create one unified piece of work—they’re crucial parts of audio production.


The mixing process includes adjusting the panning, equalization, effect processing, volume levels, and automation. At AudibleHeaT, mixing services come included with recording session blocks. If you’re interested in booking just a mixing session, that service is available for $50/HR.

  • Panning: Our mixing engineer will evaluate the stereo spectrum to decide where to place sounds within the stereo field. It’s essential for all instrumental sounds to be panned properly and arranged to stand out and be heard clearly without interfering with the other song elements.

  • Equalization: If done improperly, layering various instruments and vocals on top of each other can sound hazy. An audio engineer will equalize the highs, mids, and lows so all instrumentals and vocals are in their intended place within the recording.

  • Effects: Our mixing engineer selects and adjusts compressions, delays, reverbs, and other effects to create a richer and fuller sound.

  • Volume Levels: Our engineer adjusts the individual volume levels of each instrument and vocal recording to enhance the sound.

  • Automation: Panning, effects, and volume levels need to be automated. Our engineer programs specific fades and pans throughout the song. This ensures that every time someone plays the recording back, those essential components are at the correct level and placed at the right time in the song.


The mastering process corrects mix balance issues, enhances precise sonic characteristics, and fine-tunes the recording. It’s an imperative stage of production—this step makes the difference between a good-sounding mix and a professional-sounding, completed master mix.

  • Master 1 Song - $35

  • Master 2 Songs- $70

  • Master 3 Songs- $100


All sessions include an audio engineer. Contact AudibleHeaT at (800) 979-1557 or email us at for more information about our mixing and mastering services in Hampton Roads, VA. You can also book a session now through our website!





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