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AudibleHeaT Music Group


AudibleHeaT Music Group’s Production Team Financial Guidelines and Monthly Financial Obligations 


Purpose: Provide general and specific guidance to all In- House AudibleHeaT Producers (hereafter referred to as “AHMG Producers”) that are rendering time, effort, and funds. 


a) Be prompt and ready to work at session start. 

b) Please No smoking in the studio. 

c) Please No illegal activities in or near the vicinity of the studio. 

d) Be respectful and mindful of our business neighbors. 

e) Clean up after yourself. 



a) Producers seeking domicile are permitted to stage there musical equipment at AudibleHeaT Studios at 604 ½ High Street, Portsmouth Va. 23704 for a monthly fee of $200/per month. All payments are due on or before the 4th of every month. AHMG Producers will be given access to the studio via AHMG management,[KEYS WILL BE ISSUED APPROXIMATELY 1 MONTH FROM THE SIGNED AGREEMENT DATE], and access to view the AHMG Calendar to schedule time desired to work. *NOTE* Projects will take precedence over desired studio time. Scheduling studio time must be done carefully and with consideration. 



b) AHMG Producers will be sought out and assigned to one of the roles and responsibilities discussed in section V, when projects are in progress. 


III. AUDIBLEHEAT STUDIO AND INSTRUMENTAL PRICES (hereafter referred to as “tracks”) 


a) Mixing Session - $50/hr with 24 hour notice. $60/hr for 'time critical' sessions (less than 24 hr notice). Sessions may include recording, producing, mixing, engineering, songwriting or arranging. $5 per person over 3 persons per session. Max 10 people. 

b) Mastering Session - $20 - $100 depending on Tier Group. 

1. Tier 1 - Completed by AudibleHeaT Studios- $30 per song/track 

2. Tier 2 - Referred off station to a commercial Mastering studio - ($40 - $100) per song/track 


All sessions will be paid at the time of booking. Clients are granted a 15 minute grace period before session is cancelled and marked to be rescheduled. No Refund for NO SHOWS


c) Leased Songs/Tracks (Cataloged Songs or tracks)


Leased tracks will not be sold or released to any other producer or Artist for a period of 3 months/unless other terms are specified in the Production Agreement. 

1. Tier 1. Tracks that cannot be altered. (no session data available) - $75 

AHMG Producer will retain $60/track and AHMG will receive $15/track. 


2. Tier 2. Customizable tracks. (session data available) - $100 

AHMG Producer will retain $75/track and AHMG will receive $25/track. 



d) Exclusive Rights to Songs/Tracks 


Exclusive rights to music produced by AHMG, an AHMG 

Producer, or its affiliates, will be negotiated with 

the CFO and/or COO of AHMG. The following terms will 

be negotiated: 

1. Producer Royalties 

2. P.R.O. Selection 

3. Mechanical License 


➢ For tracks and/or songs being leased or sold exclusively for commercial use or distribution, AHMG Producer will negotiate the terms of the Agreement with the Executive Staff prior to any negotiations with the proposing entity. Prices will vary depending on scope of the agreement. 

➢ Project prices will be based on the assumed time needed in the studio, and the number of tracks being used that was produced by AHMG, and/or by an AHMG Producer. 

➢ A minimum security deposit of 25% of the total sum of the project will be due at the signing of the Production Agreement. 




a) Studio General Manager 

1) Oversee operations of the studio 

2) Initial contact for recording services 

3) Setup and run studio meetings 

4) Take meeting minutes and notes 

5) Keep up stock of blank media 


b) Studio Master Technician 

1. Maintain existing equipment 

2. Installs new equipment 

3. Reconfigure equipment for special circumstances 

4. Manages and backup the recording database and address computer issues 

5. Maintains backups 

6. Maintains and manages all recording hard drives 


c) Studio Technician 

1) Maintain existing equipment 

2) Install new equipment 

3) Assist Master Technician in Reconfiguring equipment for special circumstances 

4) Works with Master Technician for integration of computer systems 




In order to provide a structured, well organized and efficient production workflow, the following roles will be designated and assumed prior to all recordings. 

a) Project Manager 

1. Oversees the complete vision and execution of the project. 

2. Sets achievable goals or milestones within the specified time limits agreed upon with the client. 

3. Works with the Studio General Manager and coordinates the schedule and session times to record any particular song of the project. 

4. Ensures that all involved individuals are focused and operating in the best interest of the client. 

5. Ensures all producers, musicians, and songwriters are given a detailed description of their compensation or credits for their role in the project. 

6. Provides a weekly report to the COO of the progress, or any setbacks pertaining to project. 

b) Executive Producer 

1. Ensures that all songs of a particular project are congruent with the overall theme of the project and/or in-line with the artist general intentions. 

2. Maintains the ‘Masters’ of all the recordings of the project unless otherwise specified in the Production Agreement. 



3. Coordinates with CMO, or designated representative of the CMO, with any post marketing objectives the client might be interested in, that weren’t specified in the Production Agreement. 

4. Works with the Project Manager in the scheduling of studio time with the Artist or, with production time with any producer involved in the project. 

c) Producer/Engineer 

It is assumed that the producer has engineering experience with recording and mixing in a DAW environment. In the event that he/she doesn’t, the Project Manager will assign an engineer to sit in on session. 

1. Works with the Artist to record and mix any particular track. 

2. Makes suggestions to the Artist and the Executive Producer on the necessity of added production element like backing vocals or live instruments. 

3. Provides Executive Producer two bounced down versions of the recording. One in 24/32-bit AIF or WAV format, and one in MP3 Format. 

▪ Producer/Engineer will not place any dynamic processing on the master fader prior to bouncing down any songs.(This will be done only in the Mastering phase of the song) 

d) Mastering Engineer 

1. Prepares the track for commercial use. 

2. Makes suggestions to the Producer/Engineer when mixing corrections are necessary. 

3. Provides the Project Manager two bounced down versions of the recording. One in a 16-bit CD-ready format, and one in MP3 Format. 

4. Places completed songs onto the Media selected and agreed upon by the Artist and Project Manager. 



Producers/Engineers unfamiliar with the equipment or software will coordinate with the Studio technician or Studio Master Technician to seek guidance prior to any recording. This should be done on Producers’ time, not the clients’. 




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